With a passion for people, culture and society; I provide high-value digital and social media communication that makes companies and teams shine in the digital landscape.

Since the beginning of my freelance career in 2016, I have worked with clients such as WWF, Prime, Warner Music Sweden, Futerra and House of Radon.  I have taught at Hyper Island, talked at conferences such as Webbdagarna and Wheres The Music.  
In February 2018, I joined Berghs School of Communication as a program director to lead the new Growth Marketing program.

I’m interested in consumer behavior, collaboration in the digital world and technology’s impact on people and culture. When not helping brands reach their highest potential Im discovering new music, dancing, singing, and exploring new directions in culture and society. 

One of my greatest endeavours was managing The Swede Beat, a digital platform based in New York and Stockholm between 2009 - 2012. With events, an online magazine, brand partnerships and club nights; The Swede Beat’s ambition was to spread Swedish creativity to the world. The Swede Beat collaborated with companies such as MONKI, Svenska Institutet, and artists like Taken By Trees and Miike Snow. The Swede Beat has been celebrated on and by major domestic and global outlets such as CNN, Metro, The Lonely Planet, Dagens Nyheter, Sveriges Radio and Dagens Industri.

I’m Swedish-American, currently based in Stockholm having lived and worked in New York for 5 years. I’m eligible to work in Europe and the US. I'm available for freelance work, workshops, talks, creative projects and part-time contracts.

Kellam Communication AB is based in Stockholm and has F-skattesedel. 


Lydia Kellam, Owner of Kellam Communication