What I learned from teaching social media in 2018

What I learned from teaching social media in 2018

2018 my business brought me to cities like Berlin and Norrköping and I got to teach and workshop with lots of interesting and smart teams.  Teaching and facilitating workshops give me so much positive energy and boost my skills in many ways.

Here are key learnings from teaching, talking and hosting social media workshops in 2018:

  • The subject of digital trends and how it relates to digital behavior interest many. 

  • Few brands have the courage to speak up, take a stand and tell bold stories, but those who do build stronger communities and get high engagment. A few brave brands from last year was Knix, Libresse, Everlane and Glossier.

  • Being relevant to your target audience should be main priority to build relationships and retention in social media. I’ve learned that tying content to the context of the audience drives engagement in social media.

  • The routine of planning content is still a challenge for many brands and teams. Yet an important contributor to a consistent and engaging content feed. In my consulting jobs and workshop I’ve helped clients set up content plans and work flows for better productivity.

A selection of my speaking and workshop gigs of 2018:

  • Social Media Trends in Music at the music tech conference Where’s the music?, Norrköping 

  • Social Media Workshop with Oumph! and Futerra Stockholm 

  • Social Media Marketing workshop with STF, Stockholm

  • Social Media Marketing workshop for art galleries at Artsy, Berlin 

  • Social Media Marketing Session with Win Win sustainability award, Gothenburg.

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